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Good Results in Out of State License Program | News

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Good Results in Out of State License Program

LAS VEGAS -- If you think you can get away with keeping your out of state license plates, think again. The Las Vegas Township Constable's Office has started up their Pay Your Fair Share program, targeting drivers who are breaking the law by not registering their cars in Nevada.

The program relies on a tip hotline where you call and report your neighbors, friends or even family members. Initially, some didn't think people would snitch, but that's not the case.

"Oh, I don't mind. I have no conscience about turning someone in. I have quite a few neighbors who have California, Utah and Arizona plates who have been living there longer than I have," said resident Charles Shortledge.

Tuesday was the first day the hotline was running. Within two hours, they had 135 calls, not including the 45 voicemail's they also got.

When someone calls, they are asked for an address, the make and model of the car, the license plate number and what state it is currently registered in. From these calls, the constable's office with Las Vegas Township will begin to investigate, searching records and also physically going to houses to talk with residents.

If you are found not in compliance with the law, you will face up to a $1,000 fine and a $100 constable's fee.

"If you are sitting at home and you just registered your car and your neighbor, who has been living here as long as you, and they have never registered their car in Nevada, think about it. You just spend your money in these economic times to comply with law and these people are getting away with it and just laughing," said Constable Bobby Gronauer.

Gronauer says registration fees go towards roads, schools and other government services. He says even though the registration fees are pricey, it evens out because Nevada does not have state income tax.

Once someone is reported to the constable's office, it will take about two weeks before they can start investigating.

This is just for Las Vegas Township, so people living in Henderson and North Las Vegas won't be investigated. However, Henderson is looking to start a program like this very soon.


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