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Business Owners Excited Over Downtown Redevelopment | Business

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Business Owners Excited Over Downtown Redevelopment

LAS VEGAS -- Downtown Las Vegas appears to be on the uptick. Between Symphony Park and the announcement of Zappos moving into the old City Hall, even more redevelopment and revitalization is on the horizon.

Mayor Oscar Goodman hinted at some of the new projects expected to come downtown during his State of the City Address Tuesday night. If all goes as planned, the vision Goodman has for downtown may become a reality.

"We have the tourism destination of the world with our wonderful hotels, great shops and terrific restaurants. Then there's the city of two million people who live in this valley here who really yearn and thirst to be a world class city with great culture, great medicine with all the things great cities have," he said.

The announcement of Zappos leasing old City Hall has opened the doors to a world of opportunity for the downtown scene. Plans for revitalization include the Lady Luck Casino getting a second lease on life as developers plan to transform the now vacant building. Plans are also in the works to turn the west tower into a 350 room Hilton Worldwide Doubletree Hotel.

"Downtown's been dear to us. We've been down here for a decade and we just want downtown to go back to its original roots of being a great place and a competitive place with other great downtown's in the United States," said Andrew Donner, owner of the Resort Gaming Group.

Resort Gaming Group is leading the Third Street Redevelopment Project. The project also includes The Book, an 8,000 square foot race and sportsbook with a full service restaurant and slot gaming.

With all the projects in the works, it's hard for the mayor and developers to choose which one they like most.

"If you have several children, you love them all differently, but there's still this underlying love for them all and so I love them all and its hard to pick a favorite," said Donner.

The Book is scheduled to open by the kickoff of football season this fall. Developers say the new projects coming together are a culmination of all the other projects coming together including, Symphony Park and Zappos.


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