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Vacant Home Damaged By Fire

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Fire and Rescue responded to a vacant house fire early Sunday morning. 

Firefighters received a call shortly after 3:30 a.m. that a house located on N. 22nd Street near Eastern and Bonanza was on fire.

When firefighters arrived, heavy flames and smoke were showing from a one story, wood frame house. Firefighters were able to get the fire under control in less than 10 minutes.

Fire officials say the house is vacant, but it appears the house is being renovated and utilities were connected to the home.

Damage to the house was estimated at $45,000. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Martinez Family Gym Officially Open Again

Martinez Family Gym Officially Open Again

North Las Vegas -- A man who lost his wife and daughter in a brutal attack on his family has fulfilled one family dream. On Saturday, he reopened his boxing gym.

Arturo Martinez thought he lived the American Dream. He and His wife both worked at the boxing gym they built, mentoring neighborhood teens. Arturo's wife is gone now, but he now has an entire community behind him, rebuilding some of what he has lost.

At Saturday's official opening of the Real KO Boxing Club, music was blaring with the volume set at max. Two 15-year-olds sparred in the boxing ring, under the watchful eye of Martinez. He gives them boxing lessons, and then sends them back into the ring to work it out.

"There's a lot for those kids to achieve," said Martinez. "They need a mentor. If they don't have a mentor, they don't know. That's why we're here."

Ticket Cake Cuts Costs of Attending Live Shows

LAS VEGAS -- An 18-month-old tech company that moved from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas in May is giving customers an online way to purchase tickets to live performances without charging the high fees one normally associates with TicketMaster.

Ticket Cake says its fee, 16 percent on a $10 ticket, is only about one-third of what Ticketmaster charges.

A major reason for the discount comes from the fact that there are no costs associated with printed tickets. At Ticket Cake, printed tickets simply don't exist.

"Our website is easy to use, the service fees are the best in the industry and you will have a good experience with our refund policy if that ever comes up," company CEO Joe Henriod said.

Le Thai a Perfect - and Delicious - Fit for Fremont East

Critic: the food's great, but the atmosphere and vibe make the spot.

Ever since Le Thai opened in downtown Las Vegas, people have been positively raving to me about the food.

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New Fire Station Holds Grand Opening Tuesday

New Fire Station Holds Grand Opening Tuesday


A new fire station near downtown Las Vegas is set for a grand opening ceremony next week.

The city of Las Vegas will officially open a new fire station at 1888 Stella Lake St. to serve the Ward 5 community at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Fire Station 106 cost about $4 million to build. It is a 7,800-square-foot building where one engine and one rescue unit will be housed. Six paramedics, six firefighters, three captains and three engineers will be assigned to the station.

Opening ceremonies will include the traditional uncoupling of a fire hose, as well as tours of the new station. Refreshments will be served while supplies last.

Arturo Martinez Talks Forgiveness After Vicious Attacks

LAS VEGAS -- The man who awoke from a coma to learn his wife and daughter were brutally raped and killed said he forgives the family's attacker.

Arturo Martinez was also beaten – all three were attacked by a man wielding a claw hammer – in mid April. His wife, Yadira, and 10-year-old daughter, Karla, died in the attack.

Bryan Clay was arrested and charges with their murders.

"I forgive you. That's it. Nothing else," Martinez said of Clay. "If he gave me a kiss, I would give him a kiss.

"I have no choice but to forgive him. I have to forgive him once and that's it."

During an unveiling of his family's renovated Real K.O. Boxing Gym on Thursday, he said he and his sons are moving forward with their lives.