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Students Learn About Life as First Responders

LAS VEGAS -- Hundreds of local students got some specialized job training as first responders Thursday.

Every year students from Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy get together with community agencies to get some hands-on experience in dealing with emergencies. In a disastrous situation, police officers, emergency medical technicians and even the Red Cross work quickly to prevent fatalities. In Thursday's scenario, no one's life is in danger, but students are required to act as if the situation is real.

Students are paired with professionals from Metro, Nevada Highway Patrol, local ambulance companies and other agencies.

"So we take them out of the classroom setting and we put them into these real-life settings," said Ted Milano, the health and safety coordinator.

'Shrek the Musical' Allows Families to Bask in Presence of Beloved Characters

Reviewer: not much reason for Shrek to be a musical, but it provides fun nonetheless.

There’s a difference between being a cartoon and being cartoonish.

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Las Vegas Sportsbooks Brace for March Madness

LAS VEGAS - March is the busiest time of year for visitors coming to Las Vegas, and many are here for one reason: March Madness.

The first round of games for the NCAA men's basketball tournament begins Thursday, and sportsbooks are preparing for a busy month.

South Point expects a few thousand people, but it's not the only place in town to get your fix for college hoops.

If theater seating is your preference, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is opening its 1,500 seat theater which features giant TV screens on which to watch the games. If you want to bet on every individual play, you can hit the M Resort Sportsbook.

Bettors love the long shots and the local teams. UNLV's odds to win it all are 100-to-1. LVH Sportsbook officials say the Mountain West Conference has been getting a lot of play from bettors.

They say if you're going to place a wager, don't wait. The lines will most likely be out the door.

Valley Hospital Goes Through Decontamination Drill

Valley Hospital Goes Through Decontamination Drill


Valley Hospital practiced being ready for an emergency in an exercise known as HAZWOPER or Hazardous Waste Operations Responder Decontamination Course.

About 28 hospital employees, including emergency, engineering, environmental services and security departments were part of the drill, which took place at the hospital Monday and Tuesday.

The drill focused on emergencies requiring decontamination from biological, chemical or radiological exposure.

During the exercise, employees trained to take patients exposed to a contaminate to a hot zone trailer where they could be decontaminated with soap and water. They were then taken to a cold zone trailer for treatment.

The drill focused on making sure people could be decontaminated so the rest of the patients, employees and visitors were not exposed.


City Won't Certify Fire Academy Class After Cheating Scandal

LAS VEGAS -- The City of Las Vegas announced Tuesday it will not certify the latest class from the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Academy.

The decision comes after an investigation into the possibility of cheating. The entire 14-member class will not move forward with graduation. The city says it is coming up with a plan to cover the loss of the 14 new members of the department.

"The city is not going to compromise the quality of its service nor the character or integrity of our organization," said Chief Public Safety Officer Karen Coyne. "Integrity is a core value of our organization, and we took these allegations very seriously."

Las Vegas spokesman David Riggleman said the cheating was discovered because the answers on the recruits' tests were very similar.

March Madness Festival Planned for Friday

March Madness Festival Planned for Friday


While the top men's basketball teams in the NCAA get ready for the kickoff of March Madness, Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly is planning a March Madness Festival.

From 5:30 to 8 p.m. Friday, there will all kinds of activities for anyone 18 years old and younger at the Doolittle Community Center, 1950 J Street.

There will be a dunk contest, a three-point shootout and a two-ball challenge. For younger children, there will be a bounce house, face painting and a balloon artist.

Admission and participation to the event is free.


Driving You Crazy: Mistimed Lights Along MLK Boulevard

LAS VEGAS - A viewer says the traffic lights at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Vegas Drive and Martin Luther King Boulevard and Washington Avenue are mistimed.

The viewer says the lights often last more than a minute before changing – even at 3 a.m. when traffic is light.

The viewer, who works a shift that necessitates overnight travel, said those traveling north or south on MLK have to rush to catch a hiccup of a green light, before the long red light kicks in.

Meanwhile, eastbound and westbound commuters on Vegas Drive, Owens Avenue and Washington Avenue benefit from a relatively permanent green light.

Traffic8 contacted the Regional Transportation Commission. RTC FAST found a malfunction, corrected it, and the light is now timed correctly with both traffic lights. The lights are now timed at 20 seconds of green and 20 seconds of red for all directions.