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Nevada gambling revenues down 6 percent in Sept.

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- State officials say Nevada gambling revenue fell 6 percent in September from the same time last year.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported Tuesday that casinos brought in $902 million last month.

Las Vegas Strip gambling revenues were down 12 percent to $495 million, while downtown revenues were down 4 percent to $43 million.

Reno casinos won $48 million in September, which is down about 2 percent year-over-year. South Lake Tahoe gambling revenues of $24 million bucked the trend and were up 7 percent over last year.

Gambling revenues in the first three months of the fiscal year are down 3 percent over the same period in 2013.

Nevada collected $66 million in taxes based on the September winnings, which is up about 5 percent from last year.

Explosion at shop seriously burns man

LAS VEGAS -- A recycling mishap led to an explosion that sent one man to the hospital and rattled nearby buildings.

One person suffered burns and was transported to University Medical Center Monday following an explosion at a small shop.

The explosion happened around 10:30 a.m. at 1700 Western Avenue near Wyoming Avenue.

The blast blew out windows and bent metal. It also shook up the people working next door.

“I'm lucky! I'm still alive. The desk shifted, the computer fell, everything fell and our whole rack of paracord could've fallen on us too,” eyewitness Raeden Ramoran said.

The explosion came from a TV repair shop and the man inside stumbled out partly covered in flames.

“He looked down and he said, ‘my shoes are on fire, I'm on fire.' I said, ‘don't worry about that I got you taken care of.' I took his rubber shoes off that were burning and his socks were still on fire,” Gary Grimes, who tried to help, said.

Jail budget could benefit from mental health hospital renovation

LAS VEGAS -- If an inmate at Clark County Detention Center needs to have a mental evaluation, the closest facility is a flight away and the wait list to get there is long.

CCDC says there is a three-month wait for inmates to get to Lakes Crossing in Sparks and the flights cost the county $2 million a year. The jail has to charter two flights every month for up to eight inmates to go to the mental facility in northern Nevada.

Clark County commissioners are looking closer at CCDC's budgets because of this. CCDC says those chartered flights to Sparks cost $6,100 a piece. The jail is losing a lot of money and it is catching a lot of criticism from the county.

"The major concern is the effect on my budget," Deputy Chief at CCDC Todd Fasulo said.

Fasulo says they pay $135 a day per inmate to house them and the costs add up when the wait time to get to Lakes Crossing is three months.

Life is Beautiful Festival offers something for everyone downtown

LAS VEGAS -- The biggest party downtown Las Vegas has ever seen started Friday.

The 2nd annual Life is Beautiful festival will go through Sunday and has something for everyone.

Big name music acts like Foo Fighters and Outkast will perform. Celebrity chefs like Cat Cora and Scott Conant will show of their skills and speakers will be there to inspire the crowds.

Organizers expect 100,000 guests throughout the three-day event. Fifteen-blocks of downtown Las Vegas are blocked off for the festival, which is supposed to promote collective happiness and singularity.

Cool at School: Bonanza students perform 'Peter Pan'

LAS VEGAS - “Peter Pan” is a story about staying forever young, but some Bonanza High School students look like seasoned actors in the school's performance of the classic tale.

Striving to reach the level of a professional production on a high school stage starts with a talented cast, but it doesn't stop there.

"The lights, the sounds, the sets, the props - anything you can do to make it that much more believable," said Bonanza High School Theater Director Gary Sessa.

Buy tickets to Bonanza High School's performance of "Peter Pan"

This performance of “Peter Pan” requires commitment.

"One of the questions that I asked the actors when auditioning was, ‘Do you have any problem with heights or flying?'" Sessa said.

Driving You Crazy: Lights along Lake Mead Boulevard

LAS VEGAS - Marcia wants to know why it seemingly takes forever to access U.S. 95 from Lake Mead Boulevard. She says she often gets stuck at red lights on Lake Mead between Torrey Pines Drive and Rainbow Boulevard.

City of Las Vegas representatives say there is an active paving project along that stretch. Crews had to remove the wire sensors in the pavement in order to fix the road. Those sensors detect vehicles at traffic lights.

Without them, the lights operate on a preset amount of time, regardless if vehicles are present. This can cause traffic delays, and it's not as efficient as having in-ground sensors.

Adding new vehicle detectors is usually done last. That's why drivers are still experiencing delays, even though the paving work looks finished.

Crews are currently installing these new sensors. Traffic should return to normal within the next few weeks.

Life is Beautiful festival ready for Friday opening

LAS VEGAS -- Last-minute preparation are underway as downtown gets ready to host the second annual Life is Beautiful festival.

Nearly 100,000 people are expected to make their way to the festival on Fremont Street and the surrounding area.

Stages are going up and performers are getting in last minute rehearsals. Several streets are already closed because of the festival which will last all weekend. Even more roads will be shutdown at midnight Thursday.

Organizers say they've been working with local businesses to help them prepare for a busy weekend.