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More Burger Love – The Pad Ka Pow at WEERA THAI

More Burger Love – The Pad Ka Pow at WEERA THAI

Curtas: a burger at a Thai resturant? Yep, and it's very good.

Move over burger boys!

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Las Vegas Startup Gains Popularity With Romo

LAS VEGAS -- There's a little fellow called Romo who roams around The Ogden residential complex in downtown Las Vegas and, no, he's not named after the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

What he is, though, is a clever smart phone-driven robot that weighs less than a pound and is less than five inches long and four inches wide. Don't let that fool you. This gadget, which moves on oblong tread that makes it look like a miniature tank, can dance to music and turn 360 degrees on a dime. There's more.

A smart phone can be programmed to operate Romo such that it can provide the human operator with a view inside a home, even if the user is thousands of miles away. That's right. An operator armed with another smart phone, tablet or laptop in Boston can maneuver Romo in Las Vegas. When used as a toy Romo can give a grandparent the ability to play with a grandchild in another state or even in another country.

Police Release More Information about Double Homicide

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police spoke out for the first time about the murders of 38-year-old Ignacia Yadira Martinez and her daughter, 10-year-old Karla.

According to the coroner's office, both suffered blunt force head injuries. The coroner says the cause of death for both is homicide caused by an assault. 

During a news conference Wednesday, Police said that the man found injured inside the home was Arturo Martinez. The husband and father of the victims, but he is not a person of interest at this time. He is recovering at University Medical Center with blunt force trauma to his head.

Police say the entire inside of the home is a crime scene. Their forensic teams are working around the clock collecting as much evidence as they can.

Coroner Identifies Victims of Double Murder

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County Coroner say the two people found dead inside a home on Monday morning are 38-year-old Ignacia Yadira Martinez and her daughter, 10-year-old Karla Martinez. Both were found by police after a boy went to school and told his teacher that they were dead.

When police arrived at the home, near Washington and Rancho, they found the pair dead. They also found a man covered in blood and a 4-year-old boy who was alive and unharmed.

Student Tells School Workers His Mom, Sister are Dead

No arrests have been made in the case. Police were back on the scene more than 24 hours after the discovery was made. The man found at the home covered in blood is at the hospital with wounds to the head. Officers are waiting for him to recover to ask him what happened.

Russian Judges to Tour Las Vegas Courtrooms


Six Russian judges will tour Las Vegas’ courthouses next week to get a look at how American justice functions.

The judges will visit the Lloyd D. George U.S. Federal Courthouse, the Clark County Regional Justice Center and Family Court through the Open World, Rule of Law Program.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman will welcome the delegation to Las Vegas at 9 a.m. Monday at the Lloyd D. George Courthouse (courtroom 6B), 333 Las Vegas Blvd. S. At 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, Apr. 25, the delegation will visit the Eighth Judicial District Court at the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Ave. The visiting judges will be presented with ceremonial gavels before they begin shadowing District Court judges to get a firsthand look at the busiest court in Nevada.

The Open World, Rule of Law Program is bringing the judges for a week-long immersion into the U.S. justice system. From Apr. 21-27, the Russian judicial delegation will be led by Senior United States District Judge Lloyd D. George in cooperation with the Eighth Judicial District Court, Rotary Clubs of Southern Nevada, the U.S. Marshals and the Nevada Bar Association on a rigorous schedule that will provide an inside look at the American legal system.

Student Tells School Workers His Mom, Sister are Dead

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police are investigating a double murder at a home on Robin Street near Rancho Drive and Washington Avenue.

According to police, a 9-year-old boy showed up at Hoggard Elementary School and told authorities that his mother and sister were dead. When officers went to investigate, they found a woman and girl dead inside the home. The bodies were found just before 9 a.m.

"I hear boom, boom, a couple of shots, and that was it," neighbor Lucinda Griffin said.

Griffin lives two doors down from the house where the murders happened. A neighbor alerted her to the unfolding tragedy.

"He said, 'Cinda wake up, something happened to Arturo, wake up. Cinda get up.'  I put on my pajamas and walked out the door and by the time I got there, helicopters were going, police were coming in," she said.