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Impeachment inquiry heats up, fallout on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON DC (NEXSTAR) — There’s fallout on Capitol Hill after the White House Chief of Staff seemed to admit to an exchange of favors with Ukraine. He later walked back his comments.

Things are getting more heated in the impeachment investigation, not only over Ukraine, but also because now the White House says the G7 Summit will be held at a resort owned by the President.

“Things have just gone from very, very bad to much, much worse,” said Representative Adam Schiff.

The congressman leading the impeachment investigation into President Trump says the White House has now openly admitted to wrong-doing after White House Chief of Staff said he knew the president withheld aid from Ukraine because he wanted an investigation into the 2016 elections.

“Did he also mention to me the corruption related to the DNC server, absolutely no question about that,” said Mick Mulvaney, White House Chief of Staff. “But that’s why we held up the money.” ... Read More

Study: Exercising before breakfast burns more fat

(CNN) — Though the debate has gone on for years and years, a new study finds that exercising on an empty stomach, like before breakfast, helps burn more fat.

Researchers at University of Bath in the United Kingdom found that men who exercised on an empty stomach burned more fat than those who ate breakfast first.

Their reasoning? They say without any fuel from food, the human body has to use stored carbohydrates for energy; those carbs deplete quickly, which then force the body to use fat.

The fat burned helps make the muscles more responsive to insulin, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

While it appears healthier to exercise before breakfast, the study did not result in any weight loss.

More research needs to validate these results, as the study only looked at 30 participants... Read More

YUMMY: Hostess gets into the Halloween spirit with spooky-themed treats

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In case you missed it, Hostess is always trying to raise the bar with holiday-themed snacks. And guess what! Halloween isn’t any different. The pastry company is at it again with two new treats.

First up: GloBalls! The Halloween-themed treat is a bright orange ball, which is very befitting for Halloween, that’s a chocolate cake filled with its signature white cream.

Grab your brooms and GloBalls, witches, there’s a full moon tonight! #GloBalls #LimitedTimeOnly pic.twitter.com/3b49gusMZG... Read More

Local cannabis company gets permits to open new restaurant and café

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Planet 13 Holdings Inc. announced Friday that they plan to open and operate a new restaurant and café at their dispensary in Las Vegas.

The company owns Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex, where the Rickety Cricket Café and Purc Coffee Shop will be located.

Courtesy: Planet 13

The business says they received all permits to open the bistro/pizzeria and coffee shop that will be able to seat between 130 to 150 customers who visit.

Courtesy: Planet 13

Rickety Cricket Café is operated by Rickety Cricket, an award-winning Arizona restaurant and craft brewery chain that has three locations in Arizona.

According to Planet 13, Rickety Cricket has a multi-year lease and a separate licensing agreement under which they pay a portion of profit to Planet 13.

There is no immediate date of when the restaurant and cafe will open to the public... Read More

Man sentenced to 15 years for DUI crash that killed husband, wife

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Henry Aparicio told the court he was sorry for a crash that left two people dead in May 2018.

“I feel so much guilt. I killed two young, happy loving people,” he said during his Friday morning sentencing at Clark County District Court. He was sentenced from 15 to 44 years in prison.

Damaso Puente, 39 and his wife, Christa Puente, 33, were killed when their vehicle, which was stopped at a red light at Hualapai Way and Sahara Avenue, was rear-ended by Aparicio. According to the prosecutor, Aparicio’s blood alcohol level was .32 and he was traveling at 100 mph.

Aparicio was slated to go to trial in August but took a plea deal before it started. He was convicted on two counts of DUI causing death and reckless driving.

... Read More

RECALL: Johnson and Johnson baby powder recalled due to asbestos concerns

LAS VEGAS (CNN) — Johnson and Johnson initiated a voluntary recall of some of its baby powder products on Friday, after finding it was contaminated with asbestos.

The Food and Drug Administration found low levels of asbestos contamination in a bottle of baby powder that was purchased online.

Johnson & Johnson stock plunges after a report that says the company knew for decades that asbestos was in its baby powder https://t.co/ploJbw5r7r pic.twitter.com/XjOTYHObXC

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) December 14, 2018

The single lot of bottles affected were produced and shipped out in 2018.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is found close to the mines used to gather talc. ... Read More

UMC holds Halloween party for hospitalized children

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Pediatric patients and their families at UMC Children’s Hospital were treated to a Halloween party hosted by Spirit Halloween stores.

“We’re just trying to take their mind off of being sick for one day,” said Brennen of Spirit Halloween stores.

All costumes, games, and crafts were free to patients through their “Spirit of Children” program.

Ring the cowbell at your local #SpiritHalloween! Donate to #SpiritofChildren today. #MoreCowbell pic.twitter.com/JhogZPkspE... Read More