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Accident Causes Road Closures

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police have closed streets around Bonanza Road and H Street after an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle.

Street closures include southbound Wellington, eastbound Bonanza at Martin Luther King and Washington west of the I-15 freeway.

8 News NOW is following this story as it develops.

Parents Ticketed for Jaywalking While Taking Their Kids to School

LAS VEGAS -- Some Las Vegas parents tried to take their kids to school, but got slapped with a ticket. The NAACP calls it discrimination by Las Vegas police and demands the tickets be dismissed.

Metro officers in front of Booker Elementary School issued jaywalking tickets to parents accompanying their kids to class Monday. There is a crosswalk down the street, but parents say crossing directly in front of the school is actually safer because there's less traffic and better visibility.

The NAACP says the majority of students at Booker are minorities that come from economically challenged families.

"It' not fair. They should be out doing something positive besides harassing parents trying to walk across the street," said parent Gloydean Warren.

New Ramp Meters and Signs Will Help Move Traffic

LAS VEGAS -- In hopes of improving travel along I-15 north of the Spaghetti Bowl, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Transportation is activating new message signs and freeway ramp meters.

They where activated Tuesday from 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. and will be on again from 3 p.m.- 6 p.m. when traffic is due to be the heaviest.

There are four new signs that will provide drivers with travel time estimates and traffic incident information. The signs are located on I-15 northbound at Owens Avenue and Gowan Road, and southbound at Alexander Road and Carey Avenue.

Freeway ramp meters will also be activated at northbound I-15 at Washington Avenue, Lake Mead Boulevard , and Cheyenne Avenue and Southbound at Craig Road, Cheyenne Avenue, Lake Mead Boulevard and D Street.

Trustees, Parents Question Education Funding Plans

LAS VEGAS -- As Clark County's school year begins, the debate over how to pay for the next year continues. Both men running for Governor defended their plans for education in Sunday night's 8 News NOW Impact Nevada debate. However, they didn't get into specifics on how they'll pay for the reform.

Some of CCSD's school trustees and parents told 8 News NOW that they agree with elements of both Brian Sandoval and Rory Reid's plans, but still wonder how it's going to be funded.

"I am a Democrat and I'm talking about teachers losing their jobs if they don't do them well. I say that because that's the way it should be. And my plan is full of reforms that have rubbed everybody in the education community a little bit the wrong way. And I'm proud of that," Reid said during the debate.

UPDATED: Suspect Hit By Car Prompts I-15 Closure SB at Washington

I-15 & Washington -- Metro officers are investigating a situation involving three suspects and a stolen vehicle.

Metro sent up their air unit after getting a lo jack hit on what's described as a red GMC Yukon. The air unit spotted the vehicle in the area of Charleston and Rancho, and the vehicle continued onto the freeway, where it flipped, and rolled over. This happened around 9:45 PM Saturday.

Metro officers describe the damage to the vehicle as "horrific." Of the four suspects inside the vehicle, three took off running into the lanes of the freeway, trying to cross to the other side.

'Officers pulled over the vehicle on Interstate 15 near Washington, around 9:45 pm Saturday. Then, three suspects took off running from the vehicle and into traffic. One person was hit by a car and initially described as "not moving." 

Metro shut down the lanes of the freeway to investigate.

Eggs Sold in Nevada Added to Recall List

CARSON CITY, Nev.  -- Eggs sold to a speciality market with stores in California and Nevada are being added to a nationwide recall.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday said Wright County Egg has added eggs packaged under the Cardenas Markets label to the recall because of potential Salmonella contamination.

Cardenas Markets has stores in California and Las Vegas. Officials say the eggs were packaged in 60-egg cases. They add that Cardenas was notified at the time the voluntary recall was issued Aug. 13, and any eggs in stores or in distribution at that time has been quarantined, returned or destroyed. 

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Good Results in Out of State License Program

LAS VEGAS -- If you think you can get away with keeping your out of state license plates, think again. The Las Vegas Township Constable's Office has started up their Pay Your Fair Share program, targeting drivers who are breaking the law by not registering their cars in Nevada.

The program relies on a tip hotline where you call and report your neighbors, friends or even family members. Initially, some didn't think people would snitch, but that's not the case.

"Oh, I don't mind. I have no conscience about turning someone in. I have quite a few neighbors who have California, Utah and Arizona plates who have been living there longer than I have," said resident Charles Shortledge.

Tuesday was the first day the hotline was running. Within two hours, they had 135 calls, not including the 45 voicemail's they also got.