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UNLV President: ‘We cannot let the haters define us or control us’

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — UNLV Interim President Marta Meana delivered the annual State of the University address Tuesday.

Meana opened her speech with a mention of the threat that was found inside a campus bathroom that targeted Bernie Sanders supporters and African Americans. Although it was not believed to be credible, some classes were cancelled because of it.

“UNLV is making it happen. We are embracing disruption of being gate openers, but we are honoring our legacy by remaining defenders of freedom of thought and expression and the intrinsic value of people of different identities colors and cultures coming together to share their intellect, experiences and humanity,” said Meana.

Meana also highlighted the successes and goals of the school and officially kicked-off the new academic year. ... Read More

I-Team: Couple accused of killing toddler could face death penalty

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)M — A committee is expected to review whether prosecutors should seek the death penalty against a couple accused of killing a toddler. J.J. Newman died in February 2019. In July 2019, his father, Chad Newman, 27, and Newman’s girlfriend, Haydee Razo, 36, were arrested in connection with his death. In October, a grand jury indicted them on murder and child abuse charges.

“He’s gonna rot in jail forever,” Shelby Mannino told the I-Team. Mannino is J.J. Newman’s maternal grandmother. 

On Wednesday, she waited hours for the couple’s appearance in Clark County District Court, but their arraignment was continued.

“It brings up a lot of memories about J.J. when I see them,” Mannino said. 

North Las Vegas Police said they found J.J. unresponsive in the couple’s home with bruises, cuts, and bed bug bites. The agency also said the child’s body resembled a skeleton. ... Read More

Nevada Democrats lead congressional fundraising efforts, Republicans gear up

LAS VEGAS (AP) – New campaign fundraising reports show Republicans are gearing up to try to win back two congressional seats in Nevada, but they’ve got a long way to go to match the money that incumbent Democrats have amassed.

Federal election fundraising reports show Democratic Rep. Susie Lee in Nevada’s 3rd District raised about $490,000 in the last the months and has more than $1 million on hand, a year out from her re-election.

Democrat Steven Horsford in Nevada’s 4th District raised about $300,000... Read More

Bird rescue looks for help stopping bird dumping

dumping a big issue at our parks and now the “Lofty Hopes Bird Rescue” says
they need the community’s help to stop this.

Mariah Hillman with Lofty Hopes
says they received a call regarding an influx of birds at Lorenzi Park.

A man with a blue car was
spotted setting them free.

“Someone has been
dumping fan tail pigeons,” Hillman said. “Unfortunately, these guys
are not street feral pigeons. These guys are bred.”

The man was first reported
dumping them by the lake before dawn and then by the dumpster in the evening.

“They don’t fly well so
they are not going to fare well outside obviously because of predators and they
never been outside so they don’t know about cars,” Hillman said.

A total of 117 of these
birds were rescued but everyday more continue to be dumped. Lofty Birds says
they contacted animal control and were told they are not federally protected
and pigeons are considered “pests”... Read More

Allegiant Stadium construction on budget and on schedule

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Allegiant Stadium is 288 days away from opening, and everything is on schedule and on budget. They’re spending $3 million a day to keep the project on schedule.

They’ve got 1,600 workers
with all sorts of trade skills working on the $2 billion facility.

Next week the stainless-steel
cables will slowly he hoisted and stretched across the top.

On Wednesday, we met with Chief
Operating Officer Don Webb, and he gave us an update on the black glass and
ribbonry that is being put into place. There are over 8,000 panes of glass, but
it’s the ribbonry that is interesting. It will provide a special feature, especially
at night... Read More

Reality TV show challenges contestants to become vegetarian or eat their pet!

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new British television show is trying to shine a light on the environmental impact of eating meat. A program called “Meat the Family” is a reality TV social experiment that explores what happens when your dinner comes to stay with you.

The reality show follows four meat-eating families as they spend time interacting with the animal that most frequently appears on their dinner table. Once the animals in their home, the families have to treat it like a beloved pet, meaning they will have to take it for walks and play with it. It’s all being done so that the families will understand the animals’ intellectual and emotional capacity, along with seeing if living with them make them less palatable to eat!... Read More

Neighbors confirm identity of missing woman found dead in desert

learning more about a woman found dead last week — months after being reported
missing. The Clark County Coroner has not yet released the identity of the
woman, but neighbors say her name is Esmeralda Gonzalez. Relatives first
reported her missing back in late May.

45-year-old Christopher Prestipino
and 31-year-old Lisa Mort are accused of killing the woman. They are currently
in the Clark County Detention Center.

45-year-old Christopher Prestipino and 31-year-old Lisa Mort

Police say she was held
against her will inside a home, and then was murdered. Homicide detectives
found her body last week in a concrete and wooden structure in a desert area,
north of Las Vegas.

The man and woman arrested
in connection with her death appeared in court this week. Christopher Prestipino
is charged with open murder, first degree kidnapping and conspiracy murder... Read More