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Downtown to Welcome New Arts Center

LAS VEGAS -- A young arts-minded couple has a unique vision for a part of Downtown Las Vegas, and it appears to be taking off.

Emergency Arts is a creative collective of working artists, photographers, musicians and other young entrepreneurs who plan to set up shop soon in a former medical center.

Back in the 1960's in New York, it was cheap rents that attracted an array of struggling artists to an area known today as Soho. Now, picture a smaller modern day version of that in an old Downtown Las Vegas medical building. That's the soon-to-be Emergency Arts.

The 1940's building at Fremont and Sixth Street was originally home to a J.C. Penney department store. As its neon sign reveals, it later became the Fremont Medical Center.

But soon, the old building that has sat empty for years, will be teeming with new life, fueled by the energy and passion of young artists and entrepreneurs at work.

Residents Wonder When Redevelopment will Begin

LAS VEGAS -- In the heart of West Las Vegas lies F Street and Jefferson. There's the Town Tavern Casino and a street filled with dozens of churches.

But some residents believe F Street is a symbol of how the city has passed them by.

When F Street was cut off from much of Downtown Las Vegas because of the I-15 widening project, it created a perception for some residents that they were being cut off from the rest of the city.

Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce President Katherine Duncan points out the freeway wall she says also became an unfortunate symptom of redevelopment gone wrong.

"It could have been a beautiful park atmosphere, instead, it's left just dirt. I don't believe that any other neighborhood you would find a freeway wall being built this close to residential properties without some consideration for landscape. To me, that's an atrocity," she said.