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Homeless Seek Relief from Heat in Emergency Rooms

When the temperatures reach dangerous highs in the Las Vegas valley it translates into extra busy fire department and crowded emergency rooms. However, some of those people requesting medical help are really just looking for a place to cool off.

Fire crews say it's frustrating because it wastes valuable resources and costs taxpayers extra money.

Evelyn Lundell is an emergency room nurse at University Medical Centers and she know when the temperature heats up, the mad rush of patients begins.

"I would imagine the next three days we're going to see a high traffic of homeless coming in because of the heat," said Evelyn Lundell, UMC registered nurse.

A good number of patients that roll through this emergency room are homeless. Lundell says some of them come up with a bogus medical condition to get out of the heat and in a cool bed.

Authorities Arrest 7 for Suspected Arson Fires

Las Vegas fire officials say two adults and five juveniles have been arrested on arson charges after unrelated fires in three spots over the weekend. No names have been released.

A fire spokesman says a man was arrested Saturday after setting a tree afire on Bruce Street. Four juveniles were arrested Saturday afternoon after a trash fire caused minor damage to a  restroom in a community park in northwest Las Vegas. And a man and a juvenile were arrested early Monday morning after a car fire on a remote part of Wyatt Avenue.

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Police: Mayweather Vehicle Seen at Shooting Scene

Police in Las Vegas say they're searching boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Rolls-Royce at his home after witnesses reported it was involved in a shooting outside a skating rink.

Lt. Patrick Charoen said Monday that police obtained a warrant to search the vehicle at one of Mayweather's Las Vegas-area homes after the shooting late Sunday night outside the Crystal Palace Skating Center.

Charoen says no one was hurt in the shooting, but a vehicle was hit with several bullets between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Mayweather isn't named as a suspect. Charoen says witnesses only identified his vehicle, which drove away.

The 32-year-old Mayweather is scheduled to fight a welterweight bout Sept. 19 against Juan Manuel Marquez.

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SEIU Rallies Against Cuts

A sea of purple shirts greeted the Clark County Commission Tuesday morning. Dozens of members of the Service Employee International Union showed up at the meeting with the hope of saving some social services from the budget-cutting ax.

SEIU members rallied Monday night and again Tuesday. Instead of demanding money, they've come up with some ideas for commissioners to save social services. County leaders say their idea may work, but only if its done in balance.

"We work here. We know what's best and guess what? We are going to keep coming back at you every single time," said SEIU President Al Martinez.

It was a small step forward, but SEIU members still have a way to go in their fight to save social services. Members packed the county government building to show they mean business.

Green Chips Wants a Green Revolution

A new group calling themselves the Green Chips says Las Vegas needs to find a new identity. The organization says it wants the valley to be the new green capital starting with small efforts.

And Las Vegas loves going green, just ask Mayor Oscar Goodman. "I suggest if you have my likeness on here it will become valuable overnight," he said.

He's talking about the new green chips that may carry far more value than regular casino chips, because they are the future of Las Vegas. "We would like to get entire community on board," said Goodman.

Setting examples is what this new organization is all about. Mayor Goodman is joined by efforts of other city mayors, NV Energy, MGM Mirage and Harrah's Entertainment.

Helldorado Parade Looking for Participants

Walking groups, marching bands and classic car owners are being invited to take part in the upcoming 2009 Helldorado Parade.

The long-running event, which went dark for several years, was revived in 2005 as part of the city's Centennial Celebration. It's scheduled Saturday, May 16. Click here for applications.

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Las Vegas Homicide Rate Dramatically Higher

Police detectives are working to solve Las Vegas' latest murder. A man was gunned down Wednesday and the killer is still on the loose.

What's alarming is that homicides this year are up dramatically. Metro had investigated 15 homicides by this time last year. So far in 2009, police say that number is already up to 28 deaths. That's an 87-percent increase.

Read the Clark County Homicide Report

Detectives work long hours to solve these crimes and this year, their caseload is on the rise.

Gunfire shattered the quiet of the neighborhood of D Street and Alexander. Metro Police rushed to the area after shots rang out. It was a call they're all too familiar with this year.

"This is definitely a homicide. The victim was shot, it appears to be multiple times," said Metro Homicide Lt.