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Las Vegas Homicide Rate Dramatically Higher

Police detectives are working to solve Las Vegas' latest murder. A man was gunned down Wednesday and the killer is still on the loose.

What's alarming is that homicides this year are up dramatically. Metro had investigated 15 homicides by this time last year. So far in 2009, police say that number is already up to 28 deaths. That's an 87-percent increase.

Read the Clark County Homicide Report

Detectives work long hours to solve these crimes and this year, their caseload is on the rise.

Gunfire shattered the quiet of the neighborhood of D Street and Alexander. Metro Police rushed to the area after shots rang out. It was a call they're all too familiar with this year.

"This is definitely a homicide. The victim was shot, it appears to be multiple times," said Metro Homicide Lt.

Voter Turnout Low in City Elections Early Voting

Officials say voter turnout was extremely low for municipal elections during the first weekend of early voting for primary elections.

Clark County Election Department

Fewer than 3,000 people cast ballots since early voting started Saturday in most municipalities. Early voting continues through April 3. The primary election is April 7.

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Mayor Goodman's & Neighbor's Cars Damaged

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman was one of five people whose cars were vandalized overnight.

The vandals tossed large rocks through car windows in a neighborhood near Rancho and Charleston. No one was hurt and no homes were broken into.

A neighbor did report hearing a loud crash around 3:30 a.m. Detectives say this is the second time in a month that vandals have hit this area.

Local Charities Encourage Responsible Donations

In this economy, it seems like everyone could use a helping hand, and the Las Vegas community is reaching out to help our local homeless.

The regional group that coordinates homeless issues says it appreciates the goodwill, but it says the way some are helping is not the best way to solve the homeless problem.

Along Main Street, just north of Downtown Las Vegas, tents are pitched where many of the valley's homeless live their lives. Local social service providers say churches and individuals frequently come by to drop off clothes and food for some of the valley's neediest.

Jurors in Stiles Case See Infamous Video Tape

The jury in the Chester Stiles trial has seen the infamous videotape which allegedly shows Stiles sexually assaulting a toddler.

Viewing the tape was the last thing the jury did Friday. As they left the courtroom, you could see many of them looked upset after watching the 15 minute tape.

From the beginning of the trial, it has been what the prosecution has led up to. An FBI Agent was the last to talk about the tape, giving the jury an idea of what they were about to see.

"About 17 minutes contains footage of Mr. Stiles and (the victim)," he said. "In that 17 minutes, you see Mr. Stiles engaging in various sex acts with (the victim)."

He detailed some of the acts on the tape and said that the video actually had the 17 minute sex act recorded on a loop, one after another.

Police first found out about the tape when it was turned in by Darren Tuck. He said he found it under a sign while riding a motorcycle in Pahrump.

A Look Inside the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute

One man's dream to honor his father may one day help all of us when our lives are somehow touched by Alzheimers.

Local businessman Larry Ruvo is bringing together scientists to crack the code and cure Alzheimers, so that others will not know the debilitating disease that took his dad, Lou Ruvo.

The startling design by world famous architect Frank Gehry is meant to attract the attention of the world. Inside, research will begin to unlock the terrible mysteries of Alzheimers and other brain disorders.

When the center is complete, patients will fill the halls and treatment rooms. Maureen Peckham is the chief operating officer for the foundation, Keep Memory Alive, which supports the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute. She says the facility will also have programs and counseling for caregivers of Alzheimers patients.

"When they come in with their loved one who's living with the clinical disease we say, you belong to us as well.

Recruiting Begins for 2010 Census Workers in Clark County

The U.S. Census Bureau needs to hire hundreds of temporary workers to conduct the upcoming 2010 census.

On Tuesday, the census office opened in Las Vegas and as many as 500 employees will be hired locally to count Clark County residents.

Determining how many people live in Clark County will determine how much money Southern Nevada gets from the federal government.

"Census is about money and power. Congressional seats in Congress, districting in the states and also federal distribution of funds. About $300 billion a year are distributed to the states based on census counts," said Vicki McIntire, U.S. Census deputy regional director.

The people hired to do the census in Clark County will be paid $14.50 an hour. The job requires a person to go door-to-door and ask residents for basic information starting in April. If you are interested, call the Census Employment Hotline is 866-861-2010.