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Crowded Field to Challenge Harry Reid

LAS VEGAS -- The race for United States Senate is heating up. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Tea Party candidates are in the mix trying to win the seat now held by Harry Reid.

The deadline to run for the Senate ended Friday at 5 p.m.

This is the highest number of people on the ballot since 1992, when God Almighty was listed on the primary. Senator Harry Reid won that election.

But this year, 24 people are determined to take out the long-running senator.

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See a list of candidates filed with the Secretary of State

"What people want again is someone that has proven their voting record," said Republican candidate Chad Christensen.

Unions React to Goodman's Plan to Fire City Employees

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is sticking to his "all or nothing" ultimatum, claiming pay cuts for all city employees is the only way to save everyone's job right now.

But union leaders disagree and say they are tired of being painted as the bad guys in the city's budget battle.

One day after dropping a bombshell on the employee unions, Mayor Goodman claims he's received nothing but positive feedback so far from city employees who supposedly support his radical idea to fire and then re-hire thousands of city workers for less money.

Goodman says the city employees he's talked with understand and even support his plan to save jobs by cutting everyone's pay.

"Every phone call so far, and there have been plenty of them, have been supportive of my position," he said.

Wind Turbine Plant to Be Built In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS --  A group of companies has announced plans to develop a plant in the Las Vegas valley that would employ about 1,000 people for manufacturing wind turbines.

The announcement was made by U.S. Renewable Energy Group (US-REG), a Chinese company called A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd., and the real estate development company American Nevada Company of Henderson.

The plan calls for building a the 320,000-square-foot plant in Las Vegas. The plant would manufacture and assemble wind-energy turbines that would supply energy projects throughout North and South America.

Senator Harry Reid has been leading the effort to develop renewable energy and promote investment in Nevada.

City Sees Big Budget Cuts, Mayor Says City Should Fire All Workers

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has proposed a drastic, last-ditch move to try and save city jobs and services while still filling a $70 million budget shortfall.

The Las Vegas City Council approved a tentative budget Wednesday for the upcoming fiscal year 2011.

In order to balance the budget, 146 employees will now be laid off in June and millions of dollars in cuts to city programs and services will be made.

Goodman wants to try and get around the collective bargaining agreements of city employees who don't want to voluntarily agree to an 8-percent pay cut to save the jobs of their colleagues.

He wants to do it by first firing all city employees and then rehiring those who are willing to take the pay reduction.

"If we're permitted to do that legally, then I'm ready to risk the political capital because I believe it the right thing to do," he said.

I-Team: State Grabs Clean Water Money to Shore Up Budget

LAS VEGAS -- Millions of dollars has been taken from a state fund supposed to help clean up the water in Lake Mead. The money will now be used to help the state budget shortfall.

The loss of $62 million has critics upset and threatening a possible lawsuit.

It's a little-publicized way of helping Nevada stay afloat -- take money from local governments and agencies to fix the state's problems. It's a no-win scenario for everyone, but lawmakers are backed into a corner.

Read the bill that moves the money

Poached programs don't like it, but it's a sacrifice that keeps Nevada in the black.

With the chemicals and waste flowing from homes into the drinking supply, the Nevada Clean Water Coalition wants to build a pipe to dilute that water in Lake Mead. Not anymore.

I-Team: Another Medical Mafia Member Pleads Guilty

LAS VEGAS -- Former medical consultant Howard Awand pleaded guilty to a felony Monday morning. Awand is the third local professional to admit to his role in the ongoing Medical Mafia investigation.

Less than two months ago, a jury found Awand guilty of failing to pay millions in taxes from the money he earned while working on personal injury claims. Now, as he awaits sentencing in that case, he admits his role in the so-called Medical Mafia conspiracy.

Read Howard Awand's plea agreement

According to prosecutors, Awand coordinated a network of local doctors and lawyers who rigged medical malpractice lawsuits and then split the profits without their client's knowledge.

Fashion Show Helps Raises Money and Awareness for Local Shelter

Leaving in the middle of the night from an abusive relationship, many women and children don't take many belongings looking for somewhere to turn.

The Shade Tree is that place and now Southern Nevada's largest battered women's shelter says it is witnessing a new level of violence. So Saturday night charities teamed up to give these women one thing many of us takes for granted.

Models worked the runway Saturday night at The Orleans Hotel, showing off their creative shoes.

They're raising money for Shade Tree. On any one night, 300 women and children seek shelter there. Many of them are victims of violent physical abuse.