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Officer Injured in During a Fight

LAS VEGAS -- A Metro police officer was injured after a traffic stop at 13th Street and Fremont.

Police say the officer was involved in an altercation with a person before a car rolled over his leg.

The officer was transported to UMC with moderate injuries.

I-Team: The Blurred Line of Reality Television

LAS VEGAS -- Reality television has been a popular trend for years and Las Vegas is an attractive setting for gritty, sexy shows. But the relationship between the Metropolitan Police Department and reality television is coming under fire, with a lawsuit and questions about spicing action up for the cameras.

The biggest game in reality television is Langley Productions. They created Cops, Inside American Jail and other hard-octane, popular shows. Sheriff Douglas Gillespie says they act professionally but at least one woman's life has been changed by what happened on camera.

Online, she's called "Hot Blonde Tina" and now she's suing. One day changed everything.

"I went to lunch, had a couple Long Islands, and the next thing I know, I woke up in the police station," said Tina Vlijter who is suing Langley Productions.

Changes to Coroner's Inquest Approved

LAS VEGAS -- Some major changes are going to be made to the coroner's inquest process in Clark County. Commissioners voted four to two to give the families of those killed by police representation in future inquests.

Police now say this will be the end of the entire process. Several Metro officers went one by one to the podium to simply say they wouldn't take part in future inquests. If the family gets an ombudsman or attorney on their side, officers fear their Fifth Amendment rights will be in jeopardy when the inquests becomes adversarial.

Hundreds of Items Up for Auction in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- There are millions of dollars worth of jewelry, coins and bonds sitting in a vault, waiting to be claimed by their owners. Those items that have not been picked up, will go up for auction Saturday.

The vault is like Raiders of the Lost Ark. Things like a bar of silver have been sitting in safety deposit boxes for years. Since the owner has not claimed these items, they will go up for auction.

Mary McElhone with the Nevada Treasurer's Office says they have found some crazy stuff that has actually been sold.

"Some of the weirdest stuff we've seen were teeth with gold fillings. The gold fillings are very valuable, so they end up in the safe deposit boxes and we auction them off," she said.

No gold teeth this time, but there are things like a rare gold pocket watch from the 1800's.

City Council Approves Plan to Move Zappos Downtown

LAS VEGAS -- City Council members have approved a deal to move the headquarters for Zappos.com to the City Hall building in downtown Las Vegas.

The big move, which will take place in two years, is expected to help turn the struggling downtown around by bringing in about 1,000 of new workers into the traditionally troubled area.

Zappos. com is currently leasing space in Henderson. The Resort Gaming Group made a $25 million offer to the city to buy the City Hall site with the intent of developing it as a corporate campus for Zappos which will lease the property for at least 10 years.

"We will be able to sell that around the world to industries and businesses, to folks that are looking to relocate, and even folks that are not looking to relocate, to attract them to Las Vegas. We have been validated today as a result of this proposal," said Mayor Oscar Goodman.

New Look, New Feel for Downtown Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- New life is being breathed into downtown Las Vegas. In the last several months, new businesses have opened their doors on Fremont Street East. Zappos has also announced it plans to relocate to the old city hall building re-engergizing an area that for years has struggled.

If you haven't visited Fremont Street recently, you might surprised to see all the new businesses and neon. The energy on Fremont East is much different than it was just a few years ago and that is exactly what Mayor Oscar Goodman hoped for when he began pushing for downtown revitalization.

The sights and sounds on Fremont East are changing and creating an energy that some say had been missing for years.

Auction Saturday for Nevada Unclaimed Property

CARSON CITY, Nev.  -- Hundreds of items held by the Nevada unclaimed property division will be auctioned Saturday.

State Treasurer Kate Marshall says more than 325 items will be sold to the highest bidder. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and bidding begins at noon at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas.

The property comes from safe deposit boxes deemed abandoned after attempts to locate an owner are unsuccessful. The state treasurer's office holds an auction once a year, and last year's auction netted about $94,000.

Marshall says rightful owners can still claim the value of the property after it is sold. The division currently has about $432 million in unclaimed property.

People can check to see if the state is holding any of their forgotten property by going to the state treasurer's website.