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Metro Hopes Summer Programs will Keep Kids Out of Gangs

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police detectives gather with community leaders on a familiar message: they hope summer programs will keep kids out of gangs. But with 15,000 gang members in Metro's area, is anything different being done?

The Boys and Girls Club is often the first line of defense against gangs. They start early with elementary school kids, but young teens carry the greatest challenges. Sometimes, they break the rules and get booted out.

Director Krystal Greene does what she can to bring them back before teens are lost to the streets. "Once they reach so many incidents, they have to go home for a few days. It may be a few days, it may be a few weeks, it might even be a couple of months, but when they start showing interest in coming back, we always want to welcome them," she said.

Kids Don't Belong in Hot Cars

LAS VEGAS -- While the heat holds danger for everyone, children are especially affected. Emergency crews say it would only take a couple of minutes in the extreme heat of a car for a child to suffer brain damage and even die.

As a mother, Jamie Cruz wonders why anyone would leave their kids in a car unattended.

"You wouldn't leave a gallon of milk sitting in your car. Why would you do that to your children who are the most precious thing in your life," she said.

But it happens every summer. Safe Kids Coalition director Jeanne Cosgrove says last year emergency crews responded to dozens of calls where kids were left in a hot car.

"I remember last summer that there were roughly 75 calls made to Las Vegas Fire alone. That's about one a day," she said. "If we have a 98 degree day, within 20 minutes that temperatures inside the car is going to be about 120 degrees. A child cannot sustain that kind of temperature."

New Boys and Girls Club Opens

LAS VEGAS -- A new Boys and Girls club opened its doors Monday giving local kids another place to spend their summer.

The new location at Dumont and Cambridge replaces the former Snyder clubhouse that was at that location. The new center is nearly four times the size of the old one and is filled with game rooms, art space, recording studios and even a lounge.

The president of the Las Vegas Boys and Girls Club says he knows the club changes lives.

"I personally have hundreds of kids who I'm still on Facebook with and to see the things that have happened in their life, you just look at the people who do their testimonials like the Denzel Washington's, or just last month, when we had Ne-Yo on camera and his experience growing up here in Las Vegas at the Boys and Girls Club," said Jim Richards, president & CEO.

County Opens Cooling Stations for Homeless

LAS VEGAS -- Due to the high temperatures, Clark County has opened its cooling stations for people who need a place to get out of the heat.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 105 degrees over the weekend. The following locations will be open through June 9th:

Cause of Fatal Fire Appears Accidental

LAS VEGAS -- A fire official says a fire at a northwest Las Vegas home where an elderly couple and 43 pet animals were found dead appears to have been accidental.

The Clark County coroner hasn't identified the man and woman found after the fire about 4:20 p.m. Thursday. Fire spokesman Tim Szymanski says a neighbor tried to reach the people inside before firefighters arrived, but smoke was too thick. The woman was found dead in a bedroom, and the man was found dead on a living room couch.

Szymanski says the bodies of a dog and 42 cats were also found in the house. The cause of the fire wasn't known, but Szymanski says it appears accidental.

Investigators found several electric extension cords in the bedroom where the fire started.

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Nevada Ranks Fifth in Gun Deaths

LAS VEGAS -- A new study ranks Nevada fifth in the nation for gun-related deaths, and it reveals nearly one out of every three households in Nevada now has a gun.

What the study shows is that Nevadans are being shot to death at much higher rate than residents in most other states.

"Handguns are the number one cause of death in our homicides," said Metro Lt. Lew Roberts.

Roberts wasn't too surprised by the results of this latest study. It reveals that Nevada's gun death rate is 16.1 per 100,000 people. That's significantly higher than the national gun death rate of 10.3 per 100,000.

"Handguns,unfortunately, are easily accessible. In our case, the handguns used in homicides here are usually stolen from residences and vehicles," said Roberts.

Police Investigate Triple Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Police in Las Vegas are searching for a gunman after a shooting that left a man dead and two women wounded at a downtown area apartment complex.

Metro Police are investigating a fatal shooting near Sahara and Industrial.

Police say the shooting stemmed from a fight that took place in front of an apartment on Cleveland Ave. near Sahara and Industrial around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. The motive is unknown, but officers say there was a fight and a man pulled out a gun and opened fire.

One man was shot several times and died at the scene. One woman was also hit and taken to University Medical Center in extremely critical condition. Another woman sustained gunshot wounds and is in stable condition at UMC.