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In Your Neighborhood: Fremont East

8 News NOW is on the road and in downtown Las Vegas on Fremont East. It's the other side of downtown.

Much of the Fremont East area is part of the Downtown Project. Forty-five acres of land bought by the organization created by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and more than $300 million investment dollars... Read More

Police: Man stabbed in head in downtown Las Vegas

Police in Las Vegas say a man was stabbed in the head by his girlfriend's father. Police Lt. David Gordon says the man was taken to a hospital after the stabbing Tuesday in downtown Las Vegas.

Gordon says the victim told police he was walking with his girlfriend when her father "came up and stabbed him." The victim and his girlfriend then walked to the Golden Nugget casino-hotel, where security contacted authorities.

Gordon says the victim is in his 50s and his injury is not life-threatening. He says police are still looking for the suspect... Read More

Major changes expected to turn Arts District into next happening area downtown

Major changes expected to turn Arts District into next happening area downtown

The Arts District is an up-and-coming area of downtown Las Vegas, and this major revitalization just hit $60 million, and it's almost done. But some business owners say the construction is scaring some customers away.

Rebar owner Derek Stonebarger oversees the area as board president of the Arts District.

"With all the construction happening it's been tough for a lot of the businesses," Stonebarger said.

Downtown's Arts District is an area that had been neglected for five long decades, until the improvements came along.

"We'll have artists and vendors for special events outside," said Stonebarger. "You know, 'First Friday' can run all down Main Street.

Main Street, just like Commerce, is now a one-way street. ... Read More

Mob Museum exhibit focuses on officer-involved shootings

Shoot or don't shoot? What would you do if you were a police officer put in a situation where lives were at stake?

So, what would you do if you were in their shoes? At the Mob Museum, you can find out.

The Use of Force Training Experience is a simulation of what police officers might encounter when confronting armed or potentially armed people.

Use of force is a complex issue in the U.S. that the Mob Museum is addressing with a new interactive experience. It gives you the chance to be in the officer's shoes through a role play experience.

"It's a different side seeing it from the badge side," said Joshua Edwards, visiting from Atlanta.

Heart-racing moments for Joshua Edwards.

"My adrenaline started pumping," he said.

He was going through the use of force training experience which was giving him and other Mob Museum visitors a chance to understand the life or death decisions law enforcement may consider before pulling the trigger... Read More

'Black Panther' inspires local kids while shattering stereotypes

Marvel's latest blockbuster, 'Black Panther' is inspiring teachers to take students across the country to see the movie as an educational event.

"In order for our students to feel like they can be superheroes, they have to see it," said Diane Pollard, CEO of Rainbow Dream Academy.

Over the past few weeks, the community has helped to raise $10,000, so that more than 400 Clark County School District students could go to the Eclipse Theater to watch the cult phenomenon surrounding the world of Wakanda.

The 'Black Panther' challenge started in Harlem, New York. The idea was to give underprivileged youth a chance to see a superhero that looks like them. The movement quickly took off.

"It was just awesome," said filmmaker Cameron C.H. Miller. "There is a superhero that looks like me. That is epic."

The students were able to walk the red carpet at Eclipse Theaters and hear from local business leaders about the importance of diversity. ... Read More

Rabbit roundup underway following possible poisoning deaths

The roundup continues to save rabbits from potentially dying outside a Las Vegas psychiatric treatment center.

Volunteers took time Monday to rescue more rabbits from the property after nearly 30 were found dead over the weekend. They were found at the Desert Willow Treatment Center on Charleston Boulevard near Jones Boulevard.

The cause of the deaths is still unknown, but volunteers are not taking any chances and are working to save the surviving rabbits.

Volunteers were able to round up 60 rabbits Sunday of the hundreds roaming around the facility. The rabbit situation has been an issue for years with many people abandoning the animals on the property. It escalated once the state released a public health notice a few days ago saying the rabbits may carry diseases and suddenly dozens died at once.

Now, the effort continues to save the ones still alive. ... Read More

Fremont Street Experience getting $30M Facelift

The Fremont Street Experience will be getting some new upgrades.

LVCVA approved a large-scale renovation to downtown Las Vegas. The $30 million project will completely renovate the Fremont Street Experience.

Approximately $9.5 million of that money will go into renovating the 1,500-foot long video canopy attraction. This is the first time it'll be renovated in 14 years.

The city plans to add four-times the number of LED screens on the canopy, making it seven times brighter so that the video display can run 24-7.

They're also working on putting solar panels on top of the canopy so it will use 100 percent renewable energy.

"We're working on ideas for solar top panels on the canopy and I would love to be able to subsidize the electric, power consumption with solar energy because it is absolutely the way of today and the future," said CEO Patrick Hughes, Fremont Street Experience.

The revamp will also offer a smart phone App called "The Key."... Read More