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Parents Push to Draft Jim Rogers as Superintendent

LAS VEGAS -- More than 7,000 parents signed petitions supporting Jim Rogers as interim Clark County superintendent. The Las Vegas businessman and former university chancellor says he's open to taking the job, but district officials say they don't need him.

Rogers says he has goals if he becomes interim superintendent, but no specific plans. He has knowledge of how high education works, but hasn't been to a school board meeting in months. And Rogers faces a potential conflict of interest involving the school board president and one of his own employees.

But parents tell the Clark County School Board one clear message: They want Rogers to take over.

If picked as superintendent, Rogers claims he could get up to speed within weeks, despite being thrust into the middle of a union pay fight.

"Yeah, it's enough time. Because the problems in one endeavor are pretty much the same problems," he said.

Driver Charged After Hitting 11-Year-Old in Crosswalk

LAS VEGAS -- An 11-year-old girl who was struck by a car on Palomino Way Tuesday morning suffered a broken leg.

Police say the girl was in the crosswalk and while one car stopped for her, a car coming in the opposite direction did not.

Police have cited the driver for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

This is the second child in as many days to be struck by a car on the way to school.

City of Las Vegas to Hold Community Culture Festival

LAS VEGAS -- The city of Las Vegas will hold its first Community Culture Festival in May.

The multi-cultural festival will feature activities for all ages including a jump house, carnival games contests and a bike and car show. Admission and activities are free. There will be refreshments for sale and vendors on hand.

There will be free swimming at the Doolittle Pool from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 8th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Doolittle Community Center and Doolittle Park at 1950 No. J Street and the West Las Vegas Arts Center Amphitheatre at 947 Lake Mead Blvd.


Las Vegas Mayor's Wife Testifies in Hepatitis C Trial

LAS VEGAS -- The wife of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman took the stand Monday morning in to testify in a trial over whether a drug maker and distributor are responsible for a hepatitis C outbreak in Las Vegas.

Carolyn Goodman is the head master at The Meadows School where plaintiff Henry Chanin works.

Chanin is suing two pharmaceutical companies that provided the anesthetic propofol to the Endoscopy Centers of Southern Nevada. Chanin and his attorney claim the companies failure to provide single use vials of the drug contributed to the spread of the disease.

Goodman was called as a character witness. She shared with jurors how she first heard of Chanin's hepatitis.

Police Investigate Homicide in Daycare Parking Lot

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police are investigating a homicide after the body of a young woman was found near a daycare center in east Las Vegas Sunday morning.

The body was found in the back parking lot of the daycare near Owens Ave. and Marion Dr. when a neighbor walking by noticed it and called police. 

Witnesses say the young woman was positioned as if she were resting, but she was clearly deceased.

"They had found a body in the back lot and just wanted to know if we had surveillance cameras," said the owner of the daycare.

The owner told police she didn't have surveillance video. She never thought she would need it. 

"She didn't have any shoes on she was barefoot," she said. "She actually just looked like she was asleep."

Detectives say the victim is between the ages of 16 and 20-years-old and she had obvious signs of trauma on her neck. An autopsy is being done now to determine cause of death.

Las Vegas Mayor says 141 City Layoffs Possible

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman says balancing the city budget will likely mean as many as 141 employee layoffs.

The city had asked employee unions to consider pay cuts over the next two years. But the largest city employee union voted Tuesday not to reopen its contract and give the city any concessions. 

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Downtown Las Vegas Casinos Struggle to Lure Gamblers

LAS VEGAS - Visitors to Las Vegas are spending money.

"(My spending) could vary anywhere to four or five hundred dollars," said tourist Vellynn Chang. "I plan to spend about seven or eight hundred dollars," added tourist Gary Oliver.

But, tourists are not spending as much as they did in previous years, and downtown Las Vegas is feeling the brunt of that trend. Union Gaming Group principal Grant Govertsen says downtown cash flow is down nearly 55 percent from a peak in 2006.

"It's clearly not a pretty story when you look at both the revenue and, more importantly, the cash flow," Govertsen said. In response, downtown properties slashed room rates. While the lower rates lure customers, they hurt profitability. "Whether it's charging $125 or $25 a night, you still need roughly the same amount of people to staff that hotel," Govertsen said.