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Doctors to Determine Desai's Medical Status

LAS VEGAS -- The doctor at the center of the hepatitis C infections appeared in court today for the first time in months. As the health of the several patients infected by hep C continues to deteriorate, Doctor Dipak Desai's health was the focus of the action in court.

Doctor Desai walked into court as a judge began the process to determine if he's medically fit to assist in his own defense. Prosecutors say hazardous sanitary conditions at his endoscopy clinics resulted in at least seven patients infected with hepatitis C.

Prosecutors say they fear Desai will fake the extent of his reported 2007 stroke and other medical problems to delay the trial.

"There was some indications that he's had subsequent two bouts of fainting spells, transient eschemic attack, things like that we think need to be looked at by a neurologist," said Deputy District Attorney Michael Staudaher.

I-Team: Company May Have Lied About Serving Court Papers

LAS VEGAS -- It's an investigation spanning the courthouse to the police department with potentially thousands of cases and judgments in question.

In focus are process servers saying they handed papers over, but didn't. While Las Vegas police learns more, the court grapples with how to fix the problem and get defendant's justice.

Officials at the Regional Justice Center aren't sure how deep this could go -- and already-closed cases could be overturned.

Judge Melissa Saragosa and her colleague uncovered the oversight in late winter. They found that a company called On Scene Mediations, run out of a home in North Las Vegas, was allegedly using a dozen process servers to track down defendants all over town. They have no proper business license or process servers license.

Feared Fallout from Fingerprinting Program

LAS VEGAS -- Clark County has started a controversial immigration plan. It has Metro using a federal fingerprinting program to sort through suspected illegal immigrants booked in local jails.

Some community groups fear this will make the immigrant community too fearful to report serious crimes.

Clark County Detention Center uses the new federal Secure Communities fingerprinting program. It ties in with Immigrations and Custom Enforcement computers to flag suspected illegal immigrants.

Metro only began using the program Tuesday, but Spanish language radio host Miguel Barrientos says fear of an immigration dragnet are already spreading around the community.

"We're hearing a greater amount of fear taking place. You're going to start seeing more people not calling the police when there's a crime taking place," said Miguel Barrientos, local radio host.

Not Guilty Pleas Entered in Biker Wedding Brawl

LAS VEGAS -- The men allegedly involved in a wedding chapel brawl between Hells Angels and Mongols motorcycle gang members say they're not guilty.

Eleven men entered not guilty pleas Wednesday. Earlier this month, a grand jury indicted 13 men on felony and misdemeanor charges including attempted murder, battery and assault for the 2008 fight. Two of the men didn't have lawyers and weren't able to enter their plea.

Authorities say the Hells Angels were leaving a wedding when they ran into three members of the Mongols there to attend another wedding. Six people were hurt in the brawl.

I-Team: Principal Connected to Cheating Scandal Faces License Hearing

LAS VEGAS -- Former Andre Agassi Middle School and current Clifford Lawrence Middle School principal Bevelyn Smothers will go before the Nevada Board of Education August 13th to face a petition for suspension or revocation of her teaching license.

The still-unreleased agenda item will be a part of the three day board meeting normally scheduled for August.

Smothers came under fire in the spring of 2010 when she resigned from Agassi after allegations surfaced she sifted through state tests and gave students more time to complete unfinished sections. She was recently selected to be a principal at Lawrence.

State law and CCSD policies give teachers on leave at charter schools like Agassi the option to come back into the district with nearly full benefits and pay.

Critics have questioned those policies, given that the allegations against Smothers also instigated an ongoing investigation by the education department.

I-Team: Principal Involved in Cheating Scandal Hired at New School

LAS VEGAS -- A middle school principal who resigned because of a cheating scandal and still remains under investigation by the State of Nevada will go to work next week at a new school.

Earlier this year, allegations surfaced that former Andre Agassi Prep principal Bevelyn Smothers sifted through CRT tests and may have broke district and state policy to give her school an advantage.

Smothers resigned under a cloud. She's still under investigation by the state, and yet CCSD hired her to be a principal once again. Teachers and tipsters were shocked at the news.

The cheating allegations were first exposed in March of 2010, when teachers at Agassi said Smothers admitted to looking through unfinished tests and giving five students more time. That violates state law and district policy. Teachers say Smothers suggested they do the same.

A Simple Reception Marks the Life of Kenny Guinn

LAS VEGAS -- Following Tuesday's funeral service for former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, friends and family gathered for a reception at Palace Station, honoring Guinn's memory the best way they knew how, with hot dogs and beer.

People who never knew Guinn even came to pay their respects. Those that came by after the funeral mingled with those who just wanted to honor the former governor.

Drinking his favorite beer and eating a hot dog just seemed to fit his personality. His wife Dema told Palace Station that's how her husband would have wanted it. It was a message not lost on Guinn's friends and neighbors.

"This was the epitome of what Kenny was about. Very simple, very honest," said Guinn's neighbor Donald Dombrowski.