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Health District Reports 5 Flu-Related Deaths

LAS VEGAS -- A 4-month-old boy is among the five who have died in Clark County because of the flu. The Southern Nevada Health District says a mild flu season is expected to pick up in the next few weeks and urging people to get their shot.

Be ready. That's the message the health district is sending out after an infant became the latest victim of complications of the flu. Because of privacy issues, the health district won't discuss specifics of the case, but they are hoping others will learn from this child's death.

Wing seven inside the Southern Nevada Health District leads to a packed clinic where parents and kids are waiting for their flu shots.

"We've had a very mild influenza season, until now. But across the nation and here in Southern Nevada there's been a increase in the number of flu cases just in the last couple of weeks," said Dr. John Maddaugh, SNHD.

Goodman's Wife, Giunchigliani to Run for Mayor

LAS VEGAS -- A family source tells 8 News NOW that Carolyn Goodman, the wife of Mayor Oscar Goodman, plans to run for her husband's seat. Goodman's term as Las Vegas mayor is up.

Another person to throw their name into the race is Chris Giunchigliani. She is currently on the Clark County Commission and is the second commissioner to enter the race.

Giunchigliani and Goodman would join Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown and Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross as leading names that have announced their intention to run for mayor.

Report: UMC Headed for Financial Failure

LAS VEGAS -- University Medical Center may shut down in three years if major changes don't happen, according to a new report from the hospital's consultants.

"Sobering" is how this report is being described by county leaders. It's not even public yet but 8 News NOW has obtained a copy of it.

The report outlines a bleak picture of the hospital's future. University Medical Center's deficit is expected to go from $10 million a year now to more than $120 million by 2014. The report by consulting firm FTI says UMC may be forced to close within three years.

UMC declined to comment about on the report, stating, "It is unfortunate the report was released prior to the commissioners having a public look at the findings."

"We simply will not have the revenue to shift into UMC. I don' t know what happens at that point," said Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Grandfather Takes the Stand for 2nd Day in Kidnapping Trial

LAS VEGAS -- Suicidal, crazy, and confused are the emotions Clemens Tinnemeyer said he was experiencing when his 6-year-old grandson was kidnapped.

Tinnemeyer was back on the stand Friday at the trial of the boy's alleged abductors.

Prosecutors say Clemens Tinnemeyer stole millions from a Mexican drug carter and they snatched Cole Puffinburger as ransom. The defense is claiming the whole thing was set up by Puffinburger's family.

Tinnemeyer testified he was high on methamphetamine when his grandson was taken in 2008. He told the court that he and Cole were close and often played football. He says he gave the child the nickname "Cole-Monster."

But defense lawyers say the real monster is Tinnemeyer because when Cole disappeared, he did nothing and waited two days before reporting the abduction.

Grant Offered to Help Struggling Homeowners

LAS VEGAS -- Drive down any residential block in Las Vegas and you will probably find a foreclosed home. Many of those former homeowners say they didn't know where to get help or who to trust.

The good news is that the Nevada Supreme Court has awarded $300,000 in grants for five projects aimed at educating homeowners on how to save that roof over their heads.

Sixty-five-year-old Grace Fields is on the verge of losing her home. She has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and advice. "The process has to be streamlined so that everyone can avail themselves of the information and the help," she said.

Barbara Buckley, executive director of Legal Aid of Nevada, says too many homeowners don't know where to seek help or get advice when their home is up for foreclosure. That's why she supports a $300,000 grant from the state, aimed at giving free education classes and legal advice.

Prosecution, Defense Tell Two Very Different Stories of Boy's Kidnapping

LAS VEGAS -- The men accused of kidnapping a 6-year-old Las Vegas boy in 2008 finally went to trial Wednesday. The prosecution says the men are part of a large drug cartel and took Cole Puffinburger hostage because his grandfather stole millions from them.

Jose Lopez-Buelna is the main defendant, charged with conspiracy for money laundering, selling drugs, kidnapping and more. The co-defendants are his brother and employees.

The prosecution says Lopez-Buelna was running a multi-million dollar cocaine trafficking operation out of Las Vegas. Puffinburger was thrown into the mix because his grandfather, Clemens Tinnemeyer, worked for Lopez-Buelna.

Trial Begins in Case of Kidnapped Boy

LAS VEGAS -- It has been more than two years since Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped from his Las Vegas home. Prosecutors say the boy's grandfather stole millions of dollars from a Mexican drug cartel. Now four defendants will stand trial for the case that sparked national attention.

Jury selection began Tuesday in the drug cartel kidnapping case. The abduction generated a lot of attention during the tense three days when Puffinburger was missing.

One defendant pleaded guilty and four others must face justice in federal court.

Puffinburger was 6-years-old when he was snatched in a home invasion. Authorities say Cole's grandfather had ties to a Mexican drug cartel. He was connected to millions of dollars missing from the cartel, and that's why Puffinburger was allegedly kidnapped.

Two men, Jose Lopez-Buelna and Luis Vega-Rubio, are charged with kidnapping and hostage taking.