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Hotel security guard arrested for sexual assault

A downtown Las Vegas hotel security guard is facing charges of sexual assault, according to Las Vegas police.

Jose Garcia, 39, was arrested on Tuesday, Aug. 21 after a woman arrived at UMC and reported she had been sexually assaulted by a security officer at a hotel in the 200 block of Fremont Street.

Metro Police said, it was reported Garcia allegedly sexually assaulted the woman after threatening to turn her over to police for suspected prostitution.

Garcia is facing charges of two counts of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and two counts of open and gross lewdness... Read More

Mega video canopy in downtown Las Vegas to be renovated

The mega video canopy in downtown Las Vegas will undergo a $32 million renovation.

The Fremont Street Experience entertainment district on Monday announced the renovation is scheduled to begin in February.

The canopy spans five city blocks above Fremont Street.

The changes are expected to quadruple the canopy's resolution. A new feature will also allow visitors to use an app to write personalized messages that will appear on the canopy, as well as to vote for the next song or video to be played.

The upgraded canopy will be unveiled on New Year's Eve 2019.

Fremont Street Experience President and CEO Patrick Hughes says 23 million people visit the entertainment district every year. ... Read More

Downtown Las Vegas kicks renovation into high gear in effort to stay modern

Downtown Las Vegas is really dazzling into the 21st century. Anyone who's headed towards downtown this week has likely noticed a new display near the Stratosphere. Earlier this year, a $30 million upgrade was approved for the Fremont Street Experience.

Now, the Plaza Hotel and Casino is kicking its renovations into high gear.

8 News NOW Sasha Loftis spent the day touring their hard hat zones... Read More

New restaurants coming to Huntridge Center

Two new restaurants will soon be built at the historic Huntridge Center near Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway.

It's part of a larger effort to revitalize what's become a problem area.

The Swoop Building, as it's being called, will be a 4,000 square foot retail space. Inside will be a Capriotti's Sandwich Shop and a Roberto's Taco Shop.

Developers hope the project will bring more than just tasty treats for the people who live in the area.

"I have loved living here," said Betty Buehler, lives nearby.

She has lived in the neighborhood for nearly 15 years. Buehler says, this area of downtown used to be bustling with business but is now a hotspot for the homeless.

"When the park was closed for a while, it actually felt safer. Now, there are a lot of people that, you know, are struggling and it feels a little less safe."

But with plans to build a Capriotti's and a Roberto's, revitalization is on the horizon... Read More

Paran Elks Lodge facing disciplinary action

There's a legal battle to permanently shut down a private club in west Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, the city will consider disciplining Paran Elks Lodge.

Metro Police claim there's been a pattern of violent crime there over the years. The city is looking at a long, 79-page complaint claiming that Paran Elks Lodge has actually enabled that violence. But the owner says that is not true that those incidents are out of their control.

Paran Elks Lodge is near Owens and I-15. It's been closed for a month which is part of a 90-day closure.

The business has filed an injunction to reopen it, saying they're being targeted unfairly. In court documents, Metro claims employees have refused to cooperate with Metro Police during several investigations, including attempted murder.

But the lodge says they are not the problem, the crimes have been between people... Read More

Millennials cater vacations to most 'Instagramable' spots

'Doing it for the gram!' That has become a popular slogan amongst people who post an idealistic life featuring, opulence and fabulous-living and travel on Instagram. In fact, the popular photo-sharing app is impacting travel trends around the world.

A survey from Schofield's reveals that more millennials prioritize picture-worthiness when it comes to choosing their vacation destinations, and many want to capture the picture perfect moment in Las Vegas.

"Just looking for the best shot," said Shy Taylor, a Brooklyn, New York visitor.

The goal for many millennials when they're deciding where to travel is based on photos they see on Instagram.

"I'm actually doing a Snapchat documentary of just me traveling all kinds of places; showing my friends, hey I can get out here too," said Latasha Walter, Fort Worth, Texas... Read More

Contest to get married on autonomous bus

AAA is offering a unique opportunity to get hitched on the Free Self-Driving Shuttle that transports passengers around Downtown Las Vegas.

As crazy as it may sound, many people thought it was a pretty cool idea.

"It'd be fast and a good experience. You'd get to see the city at the same time," said Artayja Smith-Williams.

One man told 8 News NOW that he's already married, but it may be time to renew his vows.

"I'd remarry my wife in a self-driving shuttle, sure," said Mike Smallwood.

Couples need to enter the contest by telling AAA why they are perfect for what they're calling a "wedding of the future."

"I think that stuff being on the non-traditional side it's going to become more popular. I think people are looking for different things to do now," said Jasmine Scarborough.

AAA will take entries until June 20th. The wedding will take place on June 30th at the Container Park... Read More